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Fibaro Motion Sensor

4-in-1 Sensor : Motion, Temperature, Light and Accelerometer

PIR : 7m Detection and 2.4m Recommended Installation Height

Temperature : 0 to +40°C (±0.5°C)

Light : 0 - 32, 000 Lux

Tamper Alarm : Yes

Push-button : Wake-up, Inclusion and Exclusion

Rating : Dry (Indoor) Conditions

Power : 1x CR123A (3.6V) Battery (supplied)

Dimensions : 44mm (dia)

Firmware Versions : V2.6

The Fibaro Motion Sensor combines a PIR (Motion) sensor, light sensor, temperature sensor and accelerometer(vibration), all in one tiny package.

Colour Announces Motion and Temperature

The multicolour LED pupil of the FIBARO Motion Sensor indicates when motion is detected or the room's current temperature. Set the colour and its intensity to your liking and, as soon as you enter a room, you will know what the temperature is.

Small is Beautiful!

The world's most advanced technology has been enclosed in a flawless white casing, measuring just 44mm diameter.

Intelligent Object Recognition

One of the main features of the FIBARO Motion Sensor is its excellent ability to detect even the slightest motion. All rooms are different, so you can adjust the Motion Sensor's sensitivity to suit the room.

Count The Guests

After installing FIBARO Motion Sensors on both sides of the entrance to your home, you will always know how many people entered or left your the house or room. No need to worry about a teenager being home alone. The FIBARO Motion Sensor will tell you what time he or she went out, came back home, or how many visitors he or she had.

Remind You to Set the Alarm!

Did you leave the iron or lights on when leaving in a hurry? Forgot to arm the alarm? No worries!

The FIBARO Motion Sensor will detect the lack of motion in the house and inform the Home Center about it. Then the pre-programmed scenario will notify you, or automatically arm the alarm, close the windows, turn off the lights and all unnecessary devices, and lower the heating temperature.

Temperature Correction

The Motion Sensor has a built-in temperature sensor to meet all your needs. The temperature at ceiling level is different to that close to the floor. All you need to do to get the heating temperature right is to measure the temperature at floor level, and tell the Motion Sensor to compensate for the difference.

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