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"Control and monitor your home,
anytime, anywhere at your fingertips."

7 AM

Good Morning

Ease In To Your Day

Your home wakes you gently. The lights and music fade up slowly, and when you arrive in the kitchen, the news is already on.

8 AM

On Your Way

Leave Home With Your Voice

Simplify your morning routine and get out the door faster - just speak to Alexa "Turn on Away Mode" to turn off your lights, air conditioner, television and locks and you'll be on your way.

5 PM

Fun & Food

Entertainment In Any Room

When your kids needs a break and it's your time to cook, put on theatre mode for your kids and you can start preparing dinner.

11 PM

Good Night

Turn Off Your Home

Simply say "Good Night" and turn off everything off at the end of busy day. Rest easy and sleep well, your Smart Home will wake you up on time tomorrow.