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Keyfob Gen5

Technology: Z-Wave transmitter

Device Control: Single button control of Z-Wave device groups

Device Scenes: Single button control of up to eight Z-Wave scenes

Distance: up to 30m indoors

Display: LED to confirm wireless operations

Local operation: 4 buttons plus mode button

Power supply: CR2450 3V Lithium Battery

Remote controls revolutionized the way we could do things. They changed the way we watch TV. They changed the way we listen to music. They even changed the way we park our cars. And then they stopped revolutionizing and instead evolved to become more and more complex. They became bigger. They became weighed down with too many buttons, too many confusing things that you could do.

The Aeotec Key Fob Remote Control takes the remote back to where it began. It's easy to use. It's simple. It's small. It's there for when you need it and it's out of sight for when you don't. It's been designed to further the Z-Wave revolution.

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