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MultiSensor 6

Make your home smart with Aeon MultiSensor 6

Motion, Temperature, Humidity, Light, UV and Vibration Sensors

Z-Wave Connectivity

Superior Range

Longer Battery Life

Tamper Protection

Easy Installation

Make your home smart

Wall - Used as a beam sensor, MultiSensor 6 will monitor confined spaces and corridors up to 5 metres wide.

Invisible - How small can MultiSensor 6 be? Install it in a ceiling using the recess mount accessory (sold separately) and MultiSensor 6 will take up only 1.2cm of space.

Shelf- Perfectly graded at just 3.5°, MultiSensor 6's tapered sides make the perfect installation as simple as placing it on a shelf.

Corner- The traditional motion sensor gets an intelligent upgrade. MultiSensor 6 can be installed up to 5 metres off the ground with a 120° motion.


Install MultiSensor 6 in a ceiling or wall cavity with recessor (sold separately) and just 12 mm will extrude. Features magnetic clasps for simple removal of the sensor.

Mounting Arm

Discrete and for corner installations, the mounting arm allows you to rotate MultiSensor 6 up to 360° and refine its field of view by up to 50°.

USB Cable

After 2 years you won't have to change batteries if you power MultiSensor 6 via mains power using the provided 1.5 metre USB cable.


Weighing only 74 grams, MultiSensor 6 can be easily installed with just the provided double sided tape from 3M.

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