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August 13, 2020
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August 31, 2020

Battery die

Malaysian Starts Focuses On Smart Digital Locks Instead, Padlocks

Downsides Issues

smart lock worries?

Connectivity can be an issue, too. What if your WIFI goes down? What if your lock loses power?

To Get the Right Solution

Wi-Fi Connection Issues

Wi-Fi Connection issue never STOP you to wait at outside of your home! Only Thing, you can’t assist from far away through your mobile! Otherwise, you still can access in.

Low Battery and Emergency Power

It warns in case of low battery with alarm and LED. When the batteries are completely discharged, you can easily supply emergency power to the lock with a standard 9V battery. Once place the battery, the power up, and immediately can key in your password or fingerprints. All your smart home appliances such as lights, aircond, or curtain will open. Keep clam and enjoy your smart home the dream house.

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